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A metaphor , as I understand is a way of speech in which an implied comparison is made between two unlike things that actually have something similar. The word metaphor itself is a metaphor, Metaphors meaning from one word, image, or idea to another.A Metapor make a sentence more meaningful, comparing unlike things. All of us speak and write and think in metaphors every day, we can find it in everywhere, may be in a speak, an advertising slogans, a literature, a poem...

A poem use metaphor will get more “collorful” , because using something simple, easy to imagine to describe other thing make the reader have many idea,images to undestand the main word, they can understand by some more way, then it make the poem “simply complex”, more emotion. An eample "love is honey poured over life." Love is not honey, but the comparison creates a mental image of sweetness added to life.

Here is a poem wrote by Joyce Sterling Scarbrough which I like the most, this is a good example of metaphor in poetry, look at the metarphor.

My Love in Metaphor ~ by Joyce Sterling Scarbrough

Inside me there is an ocean
A solitary island stands permanently
Amidst the vast, far-reaching body

No ship can sail this ocean
The waves are too strong and too many
Intruders would be drowned in the depths of the water

The ocean is my love and you are the island
You stand unmoving within the raging waters
Water that is already so deep

My thoughts of you are the waves
They are countless and appear constantly
To splash onto the shore of my mind

When you touch me, a storm arises
Crashing winds whip the blood through my body
The thunder of my heart is deafening

The storm continues to build until my body is shaken
And in the peace that follows the storm
The waters of my love are deepened by the rain from my tears of joy.

You can find many kind of metaphor poems on websites to know more about it. Hope this could be useful.

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