Friday, 13 January 2012

You remind me of a razor blade

You remind me of a razor blade
Full of hope but full of pain
I don’t want to think it through
But I have to face the fact that’s true
Even though you’re always there
I’m not feeling happy I’m feeling scared
Maybe it’s better of that way
I won’t have to endure more painless pain
But maybe I actually need you there
To fill a hole in my heart that I’ve never dared
To make me feel wholesome and full
But it’s not up to me, it’s up to you
It’s your choice whether I smile or cry
It’s down to you whether I live or die
And even though I love my life
I still see myself with the kitchen knife
The crimson blood pumps through my veins
It was good at first but now the pain
Is unbearable, I can’t control it
It’s my mess, not yours I know that
But it’s not fair if it’s single combat
It should be both of us not just me
Fighting this fight which is meant to bring peace
But instead it brings me grief and pain
All because of that razor blade