Friday, 13 January 2012


You have to earn it.
A restless feeling
Adesire of hurt--
Is never wanted
Yet it is earned

Is caused by
The world
its hate.
The results
Yet its earning,
is more pleasnt than the desire.
The earned dont desire.
It is just ingraved,
This is what they will accomplish.

The kind of pain
when cutting your arm
is a relief.
The pain of loss
Or seperation
Is hatred.
But those who enter pain--
The pain of memorization
Will not hate
but will deny love
From others
and from the heart
of where pain is created.
The heart where
Pain is established.
The pain that they--
Spend forever to build.
Those who feel this pain will not just deny, or grieve.
But will Cover up.
They will cover the
Beauty of pain--
Which they earned.
This long earned pain,
Built on solid stones--
Of hurt.
It falls--
The simple sound--
Of a bullet, with a gunshot.
Brings end to this acomplishment.

The bullet brings all end--
End to the memories
the memories you loved.
These memories are gone.
They will never return again --
This is the bullet of pain.

pain of the bullet.
This pain leaves the largest--
Wound, and kills the
things once loved.
While the others rejoice
They rejoice in the pain.
The pain they have not earned,
But the desired
And the asking--
Were given what the desire.
Dont deny the pain
Accept it.
It hurts.
It relives
the pain of
The desired
While it covers the true
meanings of the heart.
Dont deny pain--
What has been give to you.
Accept it gracefully.